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How are you?
It is an eco-friendly company that puts people and nature first.

The management ideology of Sungwoon is the creation of the value of human life, which considers people and nature first.

With environmentally friendly technology leading the global market below, we are strengthening our competitiveness in various business groups including department store design, design, construction, chemicals, and mask manufacturing..

Through customer-centered management philosophy, transparent management, and innovation, Sungwoon aims to enhance the company's competitiveness and practice corporate social responsibility.
We are raising the value of human life in many parts of the world based on our outstanding technology.
We will continue to work hard to become a company that shares the future with our customers.

In the future, Sungwoon will continue to differentiate itself from other companies by providing solutions that enrich the lives of mankind through constant innovation.

We will do our best to be a proud sungwoon in the world, always thinking about you and society to repay your generous trust and support. Thank you..

All the executives and employees of Sungwoon