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Sungwoon Design(CHINA) Company Limited - Founded in June 2009(location : Chengdu, Sichuan Province / Fangshan District, Beijing / Wuxi New District, Jiangsu Province/Minhang District, Shanghai / Dalian Development Zone)

- Convenience, Stability
- Practical and comfortable and cozy production.
- Sensuous colouring and finishing materials
- Health-conscious non-toxic eco-friendly materials
- Use sophisticated interior materials at reasonable prices rather than high-end materials

House Interior

Residential space is the most important part of human life's charging station.
If the residential environment is uncomfortable to relieve stress or fatigue in daily life, it should be corrected and supplemented as soon as possible.
Also, the best way to save money and time is to design it from the ground up.
The interior of the living space is comfortable, and the interior that does not give you any fatigue to the eyes is the best, as it can make your eyes feel tired and dizzy.
Dongyang interior design and construction, which are warm and convenient to suit the residential environment, will meet your satisfaction as much as possible.

Commercial interior

The commercial interior, which determines the success or failure of the industry, must express and direct the concept so that the harmony and harmony can be achieved in consideration of your industry and characteristics.
In addition, if the core and partial point techniques are introduced into the interior, you will be able to make the most of the industry at a low investment cost.

Enterprise interior

Companies taking a leap forward in the new world
At the back of the company's spectacular stage, our Sungwoon Design will play the role of a step in preparing for the stage.