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Sungwoon Tech Co., Ltd.

Sungwoon Tech has specialized in the development and production of plastic dispersants and lubricants (polyethylene wax, polypropylene wax, and polyethylene oxide).

This product is mainly used in color master layout, chemical fiber, filler, ink coating and cable corrosion protection.

Professional technical research and development, testing and management systems have excellent environmentally friendly manufacturing technologies.

Sungwoon Tech strives to continue to innovate and develop quality, so its domestic and foreign customers are highly trusted and satisfied with Pre-Sales, On-Sales, and A / S.

For many years, Sungwoon Tech has been actively involved in industry promotion activities and has established long-term good partnerships with many domestic and foreign companies in recognition of the quality and performance of its products through the introduction of advanced production technologies and continuous research and development. We will continue to make efforts to maximize customer satisfaction. Please give us a lot of attention and support.

All employees of Sungwoon Tech Co., Ltd.

Company Sungwoon Tech Co., Ltd.
Representative Sujin CHO
Address 474, Gammun-ro, Gaeryeong-myeon, Gimcheon-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Republic of Korea
Date of establishment Dec. 15, 2019 Corporate Registration
Contact informatio TEL : +82-54-432-8882, FAX : +82-54-432-8884
Handling item PELLET Production [PP / PE / ABS / Plastic Series]
Number of employees 15 people in total
Square measure 5,000 pyeong of land, 1,452 pyeong of dry land